Common Goal - Cultural Curiosity - Competence
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Respect Based Management

It is our belief that an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility is the most productive for creating and sustaining exceptional performance.

Cross Cultural Teamwork

Neymar - Brazil

Suarez - Uraguay

Messi - Argentina

Pique - Spain

Iniesta - Spain

Andre ter Stegen - Germany

Common Goal with Accepted Roles

  • creativity = the use of the imagination or original ideas

  • autonomy = independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions

  • cohesion among colleagues = the action or fact of forming a united whole

  • discipline that promotes responsibility = the state or fact of being accountable

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Super Chicken: Forget the Pecking Order

Business leader Margaret Heffernan observes that it is social cohesion — built every coffee break, every time one team member asks another for help — that leads over time to great results. 

In a test for empathy the groups that scored highly on this did better. Secondly, the successful groups gave roughly equal time to each other, so that no one voice dominated, but neither were there any passengers. And thirdly, the more successful groups had more women in them.

Chicken Groups: "The average group, was doing just fine. They were all plump and fully feathered and egg production had increased dramatically. What about the second group? Well, all but three were dead. They'd pecked the rest to death. (Laughter) The individually productive chickens had only achieved their success by suppressing the productivity of the rest."

Global Glass Ceiling: Held to a Higher Standard

Pam R. Taub, MD, FACC Cardiologist - Director of Step Family Foundation Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center - Associate Professor of Medicine - University of California San Diego (Competence)


Gender Stereotypes and the Attribution of Leadership Traits: A Cross-Cultural Comparison: there exists an interculturally shared view of a female-specific leadership competence according to which women possess a higher person orientation than men. The self-descriptions of the female and male management students regarding person- and task-oriented traits were found to be very similar.

MIND THE GAP: GENDER DIFFERENCES IN GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SELF-EFFICACIES; we found that women demonstrated stronger global leadership profiles in regard to passion for diversity, intercultural empathy, and diplomacy. Conversely,
men tended to show strong global leadership self-efficacies regarding global business savvy, cosmopolitan outlook, and interpersonal impact.



Your Business Team Members

Arela Naturals

Infinity Bike Seat



Warren Engine Company

Building Cross Cultural Teams

  • Teamwork is mutual inquiry requiring mutual respect.

  • Listening is as important as talking. Both are interpersonal skills.

  • Thinking in a team is difficult without rules of conduct.

  • Teamwork is a non-competitive quest to make meaning.

  • Teamwork is not a debate with winners and losers.

  • Mutual inquiry is an iterative process.

Issues to consider when working with associates outside the United States

1. Develop Trust - which takes time over a series of events

2. Show an interest in the foreign culture ie. "All Blacks"

3. The American way is not always the best way

Willingness to Accept Cultural Differences

Canada - Hockey (Orr, Lemieux, Gretsky)

Mexico - Boxing - Baseball (Julio Cesar Chavez, Fernando Valenzuela)

Chile - Football (Elias Figueroa) - Mote con

Colombia - Football (Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama)

Australia - Cricket, Australian Rules (Don Bradman, Israel Folau)

EU - Football (Ronaldo, Cruyff, Zidane)

Japan - Baseball (Yakult Swallows)

S. Korea - Football - (Cha Bum-kun)

Taiwan - Baseball (Wei-Yin Chen)

Learning About other Cultures

Canada - Americano

Mexico -  Horchata

Chile - Mote con Huesillo

Colombia -  Limonada de Coco

Australia - Goon

EU -  Gin & Tonic

Japan -  beer-ru

S. Korea - Pororo

Taiwan - Bubble Tea

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