Strengths & Weaknesses

"Highly Knowledgeable about business practices and experience. Provides lots of examples and feedback. Provides personalized instruction about the students particular business concerns. Takes extra time after and outside of class to answer questions. Funny, personable, good guy."

"I am inspired by Professor Mucci. I find his instructional style refreshing."

"Very compassionate concerned with student well being. Very intelligent about the business field. Easy to talk to. Easy to listen to and learn from."

"Strengths: Uses real life experiences to relate to the topic discussion. Encourages students to particiapte and uses student's startup businesses as examples helping them develop."

"Passionate about entrepreneurship - Real life experience - Business plan idea is a great one - class is easy enough. Professor doesn't always talk about online schedule - class sometimes seems a little disorganized - Professor tends to ramble""

"Very knowledgeable with business strategy - needs to be a little more clear with strategic explanations as it is difficult to understand if you don't have business experience"

"Clear, fun, inspiring."

"Let's you use your creativity freely. Creativity thinking."

"Great, if not amazing. Professor's only weakness is that he only teaches two courses. Students who are not comfortable with themselves, are self conscience and are not open-minded might not be able to appreciate Mucci's teaching style."

"A strength the professor is how well he explains the subject. A weakness is how the work that we have to do is online"

"Makes class fun to keep awake and easy to learn to material"

Suggestions for Improvement

"Don't change"

"More Mucci"

"A little structure"

"None. Keep up the good work."

"Needs more than one class. Maybe have MGMT80 class that meets twice a week."

"Everything is going well he's an awesome professor"

Professor Reviews

Student Reviews

Helpful - Understandable - Entertaining - Nice - Enthusiastic - Encouraging - Insightful - Knows the Material - Presents Well - Patient -Kind - Engaging

Encouraging & Entertaining


Thank you for the greatest semester of my life (MGMT80 Entrepreneurship)

Greatest Semester

Mille Nabeshima, Entrepreneurship (MGMT80)

IBUS75 (International Logistics) is a very fascinating and fabulous class. Professor Mucci is a very vast and experienced instructor. His colossal knowledge on current and global affairs is second to none. I really enjoy this class because of his ability to engage in any discourse. This also trickled down on all the students as we are able to give our perspectives on any subject and contemporary politics without any rancor.


Professor Mucci really emphasizes on team-oriented goals and collaboration and their importance. Even though this is an academic class, it’s more geared towards preparing the students for professional and business world. To Professor Mucci’s credit, he sets the class up for effective collaboration, presentation of ideas, robust business discussions, and other meaningful events that are shaping our world. Suffice to say that all these subject matters are always linked to Logistics. IBUS 75 really met and surpass my expectations and I thank the Professor for his vision, coordination, candor, and overall set up of the class. Thank you, I appreciate!!!


Aderemi Bello, International Logistics (IBUS75)

"I have taken all of Prof. Mucci’s courses at LBCC. He always has a specific reason for each lesson on how it relates to a real life business setting.  His experience in the Logistics industry is unique and he is a vital part of the industry. I am also very grateful as Prof. Mucci took me on as an Intern and I now have a successful career in the Logistics Industry for a multi-billion dollar company.”  


Jesus Gonzales, Li & Fung

"Since I had worked in Logistics industry in one of top Supply Chain management companies, I have never had a training as professional as the one that Prof. Mucci provided.   He always gave vivid examples, using easy-to-understand language to explain the complicated concepts. When he knew that my team could not travel to US, he drove out to the ports and warehouses, to record ocean carrier discharge, containers recovery, cartons unloading and loading, and so on. With the useful videos, we began to understand what we were contributing to, and we were able to visualize the problems from the error data in our daily reports. Prof. Mucci has a vast network in logistics.  He introduced the key contacts in US Customs Warehouse to us so that we had a chance to observe the procedure of ocean carrier investigation.  His key contacts in LA Port gave us a boat tour to show us around the facilities.  These experiences were very rare to many who even worked in logistics for 20 years. I am now pursuing my MBA degree in one of the top business schools in the world.  During my studies, I have met so many great professors, but very few can leverage their industry experience with good teaching skills.  And this is why I like Prof. Mucci."

Easy to Understand

Caroline Liu, MBA The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“I met Jim Mucci several years ago while he was the President of Pacer Distribution Services. Although I spent many years in the trucking and warehousing sector, I have been an industrial real estate broker for the past 20 years. Jim and I worked on many complex lease negotiations during his tenure. I came away from each business deal with a better understanding of logistics. Jim had a vision unmatched by his competitors. His leadership, coupled with advanced technological knowledge, set him apart from the crowd. These attributes were respected by his employees and management team ensuring sustained growth for the company, but more importantly, personal growth for all involved.  It does not surprise me that Jim has parlayed his experience into a role as Professor of Logistics. His extraordinary focus is a major advantage for any student looking to establish a solid career. I believe his commitment and passion will proudly follow each student towards a very rewarding career. I highly endorse Jim and encourage students to learn from a Professor that has a long standing career in the logistics industry. I am certain Jim's pupils will learn from his tutelage as compared to most teachers who have done no more than simply read about it.”

Vision Unmatched

Steve Springer, Executive Managing Director, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“Over the past 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Southern California logistics and distribution.  From my humble beginnings within a small business to some of the most recognized Transportation Companies in the continental US.  Responsibilities include Logistics Corporate Traffic, Operations Manager, and Senior Operations Manager for the nation’s largest retailer.  Even though I continue to be a proponent of classroom and textbook education, a large percentage of my experience and education has come from the real life experience coupled with projects involving my professor of International Logistics and mentor Prof. Mucci.  His real life experience has helped guide me in making important business decisions involving Warehousing Law, Labor Disputes, Business Development, Real Estate, Operation and Transportation Efficiencies.  Without a doubt, this one-on-one advice and education would not be found in any classroom or textbook if not for industry experts like Prof. Mucci.  I continue to hold him as a leading industry expert who I will continue to reach out for advice and will endorse and hope to participate in any of his logistics programs. 

Real Life

Sam Montes, Senior Operations Manager, Schneider Port Logistics and Distribution

"I took all of the courses Prof. Mucci taught while attending LBCC and have benefited greatly from each of his courses. His course have been an essential part of my career. I am currently an accountant for Progressive Transportation Services, Prof. Mucci's classes gave me an advantage in the field because of the application of the real business scenarios he taught. I was also given hands on experience and internship while I attended school which had a definite impact on my current work ethic and level of precision required to be successful in this industry. If you want a future in Logistics, the courses taught by Mr. Mucci are great building blocks." 

Real Business

Kimberley Arias, Progressive Transportation

“International business is a cornerstone of the world economy. As a former student of Prof. Mucci, I was able to utilize the skills I learned from the International Logistics and International Management classes, and then create my own port-approved trucking and transportation company. I highly recommend Prof. Mucci’s logistics certificate curriculum. You'll attain the knowledge needed to enter the exciting world of transportation and logistics operations and management.”

Utilize Skills Learned

E. Neal Christmas, Owner - Green Harbor Logistics, LLC

Feedback from Students:  “What was unique and what should be repeated in future classes?


DB: The most positive thing I found about this class was that  the instructor shared his experience of the Industry.  This makes the class more valuable than obtaining knowledge only from the text book. 
DM: Every business deal can be done on the back of a cocktail napkin.  Bring in the Tunisian guest speaker.  
NA: I like the fact that the teacher goes over real life situations and enlightens us on current events.  I like that fact that the class is NOT based right out of the book but more everyday life.  I like the fact that I actually learned something in this class instead of just memorizing things enough to take a test then forgetting the material a month later, like more traditional classes. 
RW: Stories, listen to student (ideas, suggestions), Web Page (emphasis more), Emphasis attendance (starting on 1st day), Try group collaboration again (doesn’t matter who does the assignment Just get it done!), Guest Speakers (INTERNATIONAL, more interesting). The way you teach about international Logistics Mechanics and public relations influence in international trade most students have no idea how the world trade works. 
RH: Emphasis on the importance of collaborating with people that you were not formerly acquainted with.  To stay within yourself, and to trust your colleagues.  
SM: Honestly, I think the whole semester was important, so you should repeat it all.  But with next class hammer home the attendance issue, so a class project can take place.  I enjoyed this class the most this semester. 
JP: Keep making people feel valued and making your class enjoyable.  Keep enforcing the important parts of business people need to know to succeed in the future.  Basically keep doing what you’re doing.  I like how you try to make every class better than the last.   
WK: I appreciated Jim’s teaching style.  I hate the standard “lecture and regurgitate” method to teaching.  I see the importance in learning through experience, and Jim certainly has the experience to teach about business. In telling of his experiences (his stories) he was able to hold the genuine interest of the class.  There is nothing I hate more than sitting in class and being bored out of my mind.  Also, I appreciate his efforts to make the students feel more valued. Providing a sense of empowerment is a great way to gear someone up for a successful business career.  And despite how much I hated the attendance issue being forced down our throats, I see the value in it.  In my own limited work experience I have learned enough to know that if you don’t show up, you don’t produce, and you won’t have a job for very long.  Despite my resistance to having to show up, I eventually learned and was able to turn around my poor attendance towards the end of the class. 
NF: The countless stories, there is so much I find it hard for the students to loose focus.  Nothing is more solid than experiences.  We are hearing it first hand.  Almost as if it took place in front of us. Respect based management, Patrick's Law, Video on global society, Bring in guest speakers, Strategic planning charts, Being adaptive to students, Analogies and stories (they spark interests) Strategic planning chart, bringing guest speakers, giving examples on somebody’s business in class and going onto detail. I think you should repeat getting on individuals asses about showing up because I’m only here because of the Bret Favre guilt trip.  I’ve learned a lot but I wouldn’t have shown up if you had not made me feel like I let the class down not showing up.  I also liked the restaurant examples because that really got the collaborate message through. You have really good stories that students can learn from. You also have a very positive vibe that makes students want to learn.  It was a pleasure taking this course.  You are very insightful. 
CK: Teaching student importance of showing up, taking initiative and learning to adapt to their environment. Stressing the importance of VOTING and stating why our generation is most effected and needs to start to seek out info on candidates.  A live speaker from industry of business is inspirational and validates the importance of what you teach.


Having an international student speak about how lucky we are to live here to encourage students to appreciate and work hard.  Patrick’s Law, Danielles Law. Collaborate Natural Skills. Christina’s Law. Globalization Shift Happens Video on you tube.  You should show videos 1st day of class, and introduce why your teaching style is unique and current 
with students needs. Thank you for teaching me  'sooooo" much important information that is applicable and beneficial to my career and life. The thing that was best about this class that should be repeated is the real life business/group scenario.  It forces people to interact with others they might not have, which is reflective of the business world. To show up! Good Stories, Patrick’s Law, Danielle’s Law, Christina’s Law. 

Feedback from Students

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