Stewardship: Choosing Service or Self Interest



  • Stewardship is to hold something in trust for another. It is the willingness to be accountable for the good of the larger organization or community of which we are a part, by being in service to, as opposed to in control of, those around us.


  • Authentic service is experienced when individuals act out of their own choices, as opposed to acting out of compliance. 


  • The ways we govern, manage, and lead today are a testimony to self interest and entitlement. If a commitment to genuine service is to have integrity, money and privilege must be redistributed more equitably.


  • No one should be able to make a living simply planning, watching, controlling, or evaluating the actions of others.


  • Changing the system of governance requires putting information, resources, and power in the hands of those doing the work.


  • Integrate the managing and the doing of work.


  • If our goal is to tell the truth, we do not need professionals to tell us how to get our message across. End secrecy and create business and customer literacy.


  • Think about who are we really here to serve? Who is the customer? The boss is not the customer! The customer is!


  • We choose service over self interest most powerfully when we build the capacity of the next generation to govern themselves.