Performance Planning and Feedback Form – Student Self Evaluation –

In order to assist you in completing your self evaluation and developing your career plan, I would like you

to take this opportunity to complete this document.  To assist you in organizing your thoughts, please consider

the following:
•    Be honest with yourself
•    Do not compare yourself to others, concentrate on your desires and needs
•    Take time to reflect
Associate Name: _____________________________________     Submission Date: __________         Review Date: ___________

Student’s Mission & Goals: To Achieve Performance to the Highest Measureable Standard while Creating & Sustaining Industry Relevant Content Knowledge


Please indicate your specific comments or examples of your abilities as they pertain

to your position in the following areas.


Fulfillment of your major responsibilities in a highly reliable and efficient manner?

Three (3) Learning & Performance Outcomes:


Objective 1:  Read & View the provided course and reference content


Measurement 1: Submitted confirmation of assignment completion


Performance Standard 1: 100% of content = Outstanding, 90% = Quality, <90% = Developing



Objective 2:  Achieve & Record Revenue (Points) for Completion Testing and Assignments


Measurement 2:  Submitted Assignments, Tests & Quizzes


Performance Standard 2: 100-91 % = Outstanding, 90% = Quality, <90 = Developing


Student’s Responsibility to submit Revenue (points) earned.




Objective 3:  Student Objective


Measurement 3: Understand/Document ____________________


Performance Standard 3: Demonstrate Knowledge _____________________________



Your technical focus?



Accountability for your actions?






Dev.oping.    Qual.ity      Outstanding