Buiness Planning
Read (Ch 4,15,16)

Chapter   4   Business Planning

Chapter 15   Technology

Chapter 16   Legal Issues

MGMT80 Week 5 To Do - Module 2 - Technology



Module 2: (cont.) Read (Chapters 4,15,16)

Chapter 15 Learning Objectives

1. Determine technology needs

2. Evaluate the best technology options for particular business needs

3. Understand the difference between on- premise and cloud computing

4. Distinguish between security and privacy concerns

5. Establish solid technology policies and procedures

6. Manage mobility

7. Practice good data management skills


What lessons can we learn and what ideas can we use for Caffe Mucci?

  • Continue MOD2 activities - NLT  Week 6

  • Hot Topics

  • A22: Submit in writing lessons learned and ideas for use with Caffe Mucci from the movie Chef.

Pre Sell Sales Channels

A20: Submit in writing the basic requirements of your cusomer groups (click on image above)

Coffee Enterprise  Choices

A21: Submit in writing customer demograghics to support your choice of enterprise from Week 4 assignment A19.  Click here for reference

Good Markets