Assignment: Market Based Business Process
Read (Ch 4,15,16)

Chapter   4   Business Planning

Chapter 15   Technology

Chapter 16   Legal Issues

Module 2:  First Things First  Read ch. 4,15,16

Chapter 4 Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the importance of a business plan

2. Evaluate the purpose of a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture

3. Develop a successful, compelling business plan

4. Apply key business success factors to the business planning process 5. Determine what to include in a business plan and what to omit 6. Understand, analyze, and prepare a sources and use of funds sheet and an assumption sheet

7. Apply best practices when preparing financial forms

8. Determine the recipients of a business plan

9. Conduct a business plan presentation, both in person and electronically

10. Develop and execute an effective elevator pitch

11. Define a winning strategy for business planning classes and competitions

Review and be prepared to discuss the Market Based Business Process Diagram (click on image above)

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MGMT80 Week 4 To Do - Module 2 - Business Plan & Exit



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