MGMT80 Week 3 To Do - Module 1 - Business Research



Read (Ch 1,2,3)

Chapter 1  What is Entreprenuership

Chapter 2 Opportunity Identification and Feasibilty Analysis

Chapter 3 Basic Business Research


Module 1 complete  Read (Chapters 1,2,3)

Chapter 3 Learning Objectives

 1. Conduct basic primary market research, through surveys and interviews with prospective customer

2. Determine which key issues to look for when researching major competitors

3. Develop research questions that will help garner the best data

4. Select the most relevant data

5. Organize the vast amounts of data involved in business research

6. Conduct business research for a new or existing company

7. Distinguish between primary and secondary research

8. Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative research

9. Determine which key issues to look for when conducting industry research

10. Determine which key issues to look for when conducting market research

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