Assignment: Annual Budget, Tactics and MBO's
Read (Ch 11,12)

Module 5: (cont.)

Read Chapter 11,12)

A35: Document the Annual Budget, Tactics and MBO's for the coffee enterprise (click on image above)

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  • Finalize MOD 5 activities , due NLT  Week 15

  • Test # 3 Chapters 4,11,12

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Week 14 To Do - Module 5



Document tactics for creating an exceptional customer experieince.

The 1st Sale is the most expensive, the subsequent repeat sales are the most profitable.
"You have to be believed to be heard"

1. Present a compelling proftable "simple transaction" 1st.

2. Provide evidence to scalability of the basic transaction

3. Provide evidence of "Revenue Certainty"

4. Provide evidence of a competitive advantage

5. Provide evidence of a "barrier to entry"

6. Provide evidence of contingencies to deal with unplanned events

7. Provide evidence of an adaptable, sustainable learning organization

8. Provide evidence of a competitive "cost" advantage on one of the three largest expense items.

9. Provide evidence of a well considered market based plan (Strat0)

Coffee Enterprise:  Get them Coming Back