Assignment: Critical Issues Facing Enterprise 3-5 years
Read (Ch 4,9,10,11)

Chapter   4   Business Planning

Chapter   9   Marketing Fundamental

Chapter  10   Marketing Tactics

Chapter  11   Sales & Distribution

Module 4: Outside the Box   Read Chapters, 4,9,10,11)

A31: Document the Critical Issues Facing the Enterprise over the next 3-5

years for the coffee enterprise (click on image above)

Find a completed example link below NPSYP

  • Customers Willing to Pay for Basic Set of Needs (convince them to expand their needs)
  • Hot Topics

  • Continue Mod 4 activities, due NLT  Week 12

  • 00/00/00 Last date to drop with a "W"

Coffee & Patrick's Law



Life Cycle

(click on image)

Week 11 To Do - Module 4 - Marketing et al



A32: Write down the plan to create and sustain revenue certainty over the next 3-5 years.

Patrick's Law
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