MGMT 80 Press Release


Sixteen weeks, five start-ups, simple solutions to real world problems!

From potentially saving lives, and addressing an ecological crisis, to simplifying your life and tantalizing your taste buds, Management 80 empowers students to get into the real world of entrepreneurship. Throw out your "traditional" business plan, pick up an envelope, prove your revenue certainty, and you're in business! Students’ passion, creativity, and ambition fuel this course.


Long Beach, June 1, 2015/ Long Beach City College/ - /Long Beach City College/- The Long Beach City College’s Management 80 Small Business/Entrepreneurship Class (MGMT80) consisting of approximately 30 students learning to make small business plans into reality has developed five game changing businesses. Meeting for only three hours per week for approximately 16 weeks they have generated: an adaptive kitchen tools enterprise, Hybrid SolutionZ; a functional jewelry manufacturer, Cocah Jewels; a gravity defying bakery company, Casey Janes Cakes; Bevande E Morso Dimensioni, Cafe Mucci; and socio-environmentally friendly landscape service, Waterwise Scape.

Management 80 offers an open and collaborative environment for students to encourage one another on the journey. From creative ideas, to better and more accessible products, by utilizing mobile technology, trademarks, patents, and advanced logistics (IBUS75 Logistics Certificate) the MGMT80 environment helps each student overcome the emotional hurdles within to create and sustain their businesses.

A diverse group of Long Beach City College students started MGMT80 as individuals, and by the end of the semester they became a team, creating a self-starting incubator for new enterprises. Shameka Anderson, owner of Cocah Jewels, stated: "Before enrolling in MGMT80 I was not as confident as I am now… I was at the bottom of the business hill looking up, wishing I could get close enough to the top to see the other side. With the tools that I have been given in this class, from lectures and assignments, to help and suggestions from those who are now my colleagues, I have been able to expand my jewelry line not just for fashion, but to fashionable and functional for those who we hold dear to our hearts! I have also obtained my domain name and am now working on a website for it. With what I've learned and the push and encouragement I have been given within these past 16 weeks I am no longer fearful of change, I welcome and accept it!” A student, originally from Chino Hills, CA signed up for MGMT80 to learn to organize and run his business. Injured in 2009, Michael Guzman needed to reinvent himself. He could no longer perform physical labor and needed a way to support his family. He decided to start his own business selling products he made to make life manageable for himself. He soon realized his inventions were useful for everyone and opened Hybrid SolutionZ. Michael Guzman stated: "Management 80 is not a class where I try to merely get a good grade, it's a think tank where brainstorming and creativity are not only welcomed, but required and encouraged! It's inspiring to have a room full of entrepreneurs that have similar goals who are willing to take the risk and do something for themselves and for others. We work on real world products and ideas, we don't just study to pass a test… We study to put plans into action and start or grow our own businesses. Look out for where we design products with the disabled in mind, yet useful for everyone!” Patrick Smith, Owner of Waterwise Scapes, a company focused on providing environmentally friendly landscaping says: "I originally enrolled into MGMT 80 to get some ideas on how to run my business. What I got out it was much more than that! Through the class thinking process, I now have a website, I'm going mobile, and I'm doing my part to help the environment and satisfy customers at the same time. I have benefited tremendously from this class, the students involved, and the professor; and it’s been immediate. Go to” George Salmeron, CEO of Glamour Life International, LLC, stated about MGMT80: "A true story of rags to riches! I enrolled in the MGMT80 course at LBCC to gain an intimate knowledge to create and sustain a small business, Glamour Life International, LLC and evolve it into a sustainable international supply chain conglomerate with worldwide reach!” "The most unexpected hurdle of starting a business is having the confidence to put yourself out there and take a chance. Thanks to MGMT 80, I not only have the necessary knowledge to successfully start my business, but, more importantly, I have the confidence and the motivation to make my dream a reality; all thanks to the class, the instructor, and my fellow MGMT80 peers.” - says Casey Barrett of Casey Jane's Cakes, UCSD Aeronautic Engineer alumna.