MGMT 80 Preface


Working in International Business in 28 different countries has provided insights to the elements that create and sustain exceptional business and financial performce.  Having the opportunity to teach Business Courses has given me the opportunity to share my experiences as a USMMA Merchant Mariner, Diretor of Operations of a Container Carrier, Intraprenuer VP & COO of Tiger Intermodal (FedEx Airfreight), Founder of EWH Truck Brokerage, Vice President of Marketing American President Lines (Domestic), Executive Vice President GATX Logistics, Intraprenuer Roadway Express (FedEX) NVOCC, President of Pacer Distribution and Founder of Neuropsychology Services.  My client list includes Alitalia, CRST, Union Pacifc Railroad, Matson Navigation, Li & Fung, Sony, Best Buy, Wal*Mart, Mattel, Oliveti, Colibri Lighters, Oneida, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Canon, Hewlett Packard and Glen Campbell Enterprises.  It is my hope this experience will help you better understand the basic of business and entreprenuership.