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Affordable, Accessible, Logistics Certificate with Transferable College Credits from Practical Current Case Studies by Industry Experienced Professors taught to College Academic Standards


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Practical curriculum designed to engage the aspiring logistics specialist by utilizing innovative technology with current relevant operational expertise, on an affordable accessible platform. The curriculum is an “evidenced based” study of the critical issues of Supply Chain. These courses also prepare the student for the CSCMP’s LINC Level One Certification ($995 Testing Fee Paid by a LBCC Grant).




About us

Our courses are delivered to the robust academic standards required by a college credit curriculum by Doctoral and Master’s level Professors, with current direct industry financial and operational responsibility. We create and sustain exceptional performance by implementing “Brain Based Learning” methodologies in an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility.



"I have taken all of Prof. Mucci’s courses at LBCC. He always has a specific reason for each lesson on how it relates to a real life business setting.  His experience in the Logistics industry is unique and he is a vital part of the industry. I am also very grateful as Prof. Mucci took me on as an Intern and I now have a successful career in the Logistics Industry for a multi-billion dollar company.”   Jesus Gonzales, Li & Fung (more reviews over)

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James A. Mucci, MBA, USMMA Merchant Mariner

Professor/Advisor Business & Logistics

Phone: 562.546.2604   Email: jmucci@lbcc.edu      


Current Issues Covered

Our adaptable curriculum is continually updated to bring you the latest unbiased material relevant to current and near term logistics issues, like the introduction of the 18,000 TEU container vessels and highly reliable cost effective port cargo recovery.

More Reviews

"Since I had worked in Logistics industry in one of top Supply Chain management companies, I have never had a training as professional as the one that Prof. Mucci provided.   He always gave vivid examples, using easy-to-understand language to explain the complicated concepts. When he knew that my team could not travel to US, he drove out to the ports and warehouses, to record ocean carrier discharge, containers recovery, cartons unloading and loading, and so on. With the useful videos, we began to understand what we were contributing to, and we were able to visualize the problems from the error data in our daily reports. Prof. Mucci has a vast network in logistics.  He introduced the key contacts in US Customs Warehouse to us so that we had a chance to observe the procedure of ocean carrier investigation.  His key contacts in LA Port gave us a boat tour to show us around the facilities.  These experiences were very rare to many who even worked in logistics for 20 years. I am now pursuing my MBA degree in one of the top business schools in the world.  During my studies, I have met so many great professors, but very few can leverage their industry experience with good teaching skills.  And this is why I like Prof. Mucci." Caroline Liu, MBA The Chinese University of Hong Kong


“I met Jim Mucci several years ago while he was the President of Pacer Distribution Services. Although I spent many years in the trucking and warehousing sector, I have been an industrial real estate broker for the past 20 years. Jim and I worked on many complex lease negotiations during his tenure. I came away from each business deal with a better understanding of logistics. Jim had a vision unmatched by his competitors. His leadership, coupled with advanced technological knowledge, set him apart from the crowd. These attributes were respected by his employees and management team ensuring sustained growth for the company, but more importantly, personal growth for all involved.  It does not surprise me that Jim has parlayed his experience into a role as Professor of Logistics. His extraordinary focus is a major advantage for any student looking to establish a solid career. I believe his commitment and passion will proudly follow each student towards a very rewarding career. I highly endorse Jim and encourage students to learn from a Professor that has a long standing career in the logistics industry. I am certain Jim's pupils will learn from his tutelage as compared to most teachers who have done no more than simply read about it.” Steve Springer, Executive Managing Director, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank


In the Maritime industry, updates and new training through continuing education are an essential component for successful maritime operations. Courses like the new Maritime Based Academic Supply Chain Logistics certification offered at the Long Beach City College, is a prime example where an industry can gain practical knowledge and methodology from industry experts that are in the field.  This type of certification would certainly be helpful to the numerous business models in the shipping and maritime sectors of a changing industry. At the Port of Houston, our Houston Pilot's Association continue to network and provide educational updates from a cross segment of the maritime industry on all aspects of safety and logistics flows relating to current challenges. I whole heartedly support the unique educational opportunities like the one LBCC is certifying in this course, and it blends current industry applications into my formal training at the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Mike Lawson, Houston Harbor Pilot.


“Over the past 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Southern California logistics and distribution.  From my humble beginnings within a small business to some of the most recognized Transportation Companies in the continental US.  Responsibilities include Logistics Corporate Traffic, Operations Manager, and Senior Operations Manager for the nation’s largest retailer.  Even though I continue to be a proponent of classroom and textbook education, a large percentage of my experience and education has come from the real life experience coupled with projects involving my professor of International Logistics and mentor Prof. Mucci.  His real life experience has helped guide me in making important business decisions involving Warehousing Law, Labor Disputes, Business Development, Real Estate, Operation and Transportation Efficiencies.  Without a doubt, this one-on-one advice and education would not be found in any classroom or textbook if not for industry experts like Prof. Mucci.  I continue to hold him as a leading industry expert who I will continue to reach out for advice and will endorse and hope to participate in any of his logistics programs. Sam Montes, Senior Operations Manager, Schneider Port Logistics and Distribution


"I took all of the courses Prof. Mucci taught while attending LBCC and have benefited greatly from each of his courses. His course have been an essential part of my career. I am currently an accountant for Progressive Transportation Services, Prof. Mucci's classes gave me an advantage in the field because of the application of the real business scenarios he taught. I was also given hands on experience and internship while I attended school which had a definite impact on my current work ethic and level of precision required to be successful in this industry. If you want a future in Logistics, the courses taught by Mr. Mucci are great building blocks." Kimberley Arias, Progressive Transportation


“International business is a cornerstone of the world economy. As a former student of Prof. Mucci, I was able to utilize the skills I learned from the International Logistics and International Management classes, and then create my own port-approved trucking and transportation company. I highly recommend Prof. Mucci’s logistics certificate curriculum. You'll attain the knowledge needed to enter the exciting world of transportation and logistics operations and management.” E. Neal Christmas, Owner - Green Harbor Logistics, LLC

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