Caroline Liu, MBA The Chinese University of Hong Kong
"Since I had worked in Logistics industry in one of top Supply Chain management companies, I have never had a training as professional as the one that Prof. Mucci provided.   He always gave vivid examples, using easy-to-understand language to explain the complicated concepts. When he knew that my team could not travel to US, he drove out to the ports and warehouses, to record ocean carrier discharge, containers recovery, cartons unloading and loading, and so on. With the useful videos, we began to understand what we were contributing to, and we were able to visualize the problems from the error data in our daily reports. Prof. Mucci has a vast network in logistics.  He introduced the key contacts in US Customs Warehouse to us so that we had a chance to observe the procedure of ocean carrier investigation.  His key contacts in LA Port gave us a boat tour to show us around the facilities.  These experiences were very rare to many who even worked in logistics for 20 years. I am now pursuing my MBA degree in one of the top business schools in the world.  During my studies, I have met so many great professors, but very few can leverage their industry experience with good teaching skills.  And this is why I like Prof. Mucci."
Easy to Understand

Jesus Gonzales, Li & Fung
"I have taken all of Prof. Mucci’s courses at LBCC. He always has a specific reason for each lesson on how it relates to a real life business setting.  His experience in the Logistics industry is unique and he is a vital part of the industry. I am also very grateful as Prof. Mucci took me on as an Intern and I now have a successful career in the Logistics Industry for a multi-billion dollar company.”