James A. Mucci, MBA

Managing Director, Mucci Assessment & Development (28 Countries)

Adjunct Faculty, Long Beach City College

Prior Positions:

Adjunct Faculty, Golden West Community College & UC Riverside

President, Pacer Warehouse & Distribution

Executive Vice President, The Unit Companies (GATX Logistics)

Vice President, American President Lines Domestic

Chief Operating Officer, Tiger Intermodal (FedEx)

Director of Operations, Seatrain Lines (Ocean Carrier)

USCG Merchant Marine Officer

Adjunct Faculty – Business

Academic Senate

Long Beach City College

Adjunct Faculty – Business

Golden West College

Lecturer - Global Logistics

University of California, Riverside

Lecturer – Business 

California State University, Long Beach

Certificate: Community College Teaching

California State University,

Dominguez Hills


Master of Business Administration
Presidential Key Executive
Pepperdine University
Los Angeles. CA


Bachelor of Science - Transportation
United States Merchant Marine Academy
Kings Point, New York


Certificate Business to Business Marketing Strategies
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan


Introduction to Business
International Business


HR Management

Business Development

Sales Management
Supply Chain Management 
International Logistics 
International Finance & Banking
Maritime Transportation
US Physical Distribution
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Planning
Business Assessment
Personnel Assessment
Acquiring & Retaining Customers & Employees
Creating & Sustaining Financial Performance
Health Care Management


-Professional Selling Skills
-Decker Presentation Skills
-Brain-Based Learning
-Quality/Process Management
-Organizational Development & Conflict    Management
-Consumer Distribution Channels
-Industrial Distribution Channels


-Council of Supply Chain Management 

-Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Non Profit  Management – Leader to Leader Institute
-American Psychological Association
-Society for Industrial & Organizational  Psychology


Microsoft Networking
MS Access & Database Programming
Dreamweaver 8
Retail Transaction Processing
Radio Frequency Identification
Satellite Positioning
Satellite Communication
Wireless Positioning
Wireless Cargo Monitoring
Video/Audio Editing
Optical Character Recognition
Speech Recognition

Psychological Testing


United States Coast Guard
United States Merchant Marine Officer

United States Navy- Retired Lieutenant


“Choice Criteria of Intermodal Transportation   Modes”
“The Sales & Marketing Process for Today”
“The Sea-Air Transportation Alternative”
“Organizational Behavior - From Control  Tactics to Customer Focus”
“Organizational Communication Process &  Filters”
“Major Account Risk Assessment”
“Process for Under Utilized Assets”
“Why We Talk to Boxes - Market Segmentation”
“Market-Based Work Process”
“Respect-Based Management”




Managing Director
-Created and managed an organization providing  Management, Assessment and Technology  Services to: Union Pacific, American President, Itel,  Canon, Intel, MGM Grand, Roadway, Yellow Freight  System, Mervyns, RH. Macy, Matson Navigation,  GATX, Skyway Freight Systems, Mid-Atlantic Music,  Glen Campbell Enterprises, Ringsby Enterprises,  Seaway Express, Sargent Industries, Rainbird, CRST,  Alitalia, California Hardware, Jacobsen Piloting  Service, Wal*Mart, Bridgeway International, Nsite  and SafeFreight Technology



Managing Director

-Establishment of a public benefit organization  committed to improving lives by providing  sustainable, affordable and geographically  accessible clinical excellence of the highest  measurable standard.



-Integrated operations from several acquisitions
-Developed and directed multi-channel sales  process that replaced 80% of the revenue base  within 18 months
-Re-staffed the organization for significantly  improved productivity, skill, commitments and  accountability
-Designed and directed relevant technology  initiatives


Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
-North America’s Largest Warehouse Operator
 Integrating the Sales & Marketing of 20+  Acquisitions



Vice President of Marketing, American President Distribution Services

Chairman, American President Domestic Marketing Committee



Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
-10 Consecutive Years of Revenue and Profit  Growth in the International Intermodal Services  Market (Air, Motor, Rail, Ocean Carriage)


SEATRAIN LINES - Ocean Carrier
Director of Operations
Licensed Merchant Mariner Deck Officer


Administrative Assistant
-Honorable James G. Fulton: Member of the U.S.  Congress 27th District of Pennsylvania, Member of  the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ranking  Republican Member of the Science & Astronautics  Committee



My interest in teaching is driven by limitations of industry training and support that facilitate students achieving an improved standard of living. I believe the Community Colleges provide a good opportunity for students to gain the skills, experience and contacts to advance. I embrace the idea of teaching Business related and Entrepreneurial Courses for the opportunity to help students gain easier access to better jobs in better environments. My academic background studying and teaching business concepts and methods in the global marketplace supported by extensive personal business experience provides a solid foundation for the free exchange of knowledge in a multicultural setting. I have also created several community-based enterprises, in addition to conducting business in all the major foreign markets through my responsibilities as a Senior Executive with several global organizations. My business experience in most major international and domestic markets working with both community-based and global corporate organizations, supported by business travel to over 50 cities in 28 foreign countries, has provided me with a diverse perspective directly applicable to the needs of today’s students. I have found through my work that encouraging a learning environment fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility. Experience has shown this model is the most productive for creating and sustaining superior performance. This “Respect Based Management Process” considers the non - work environment, the entering skills and the willingness to learn and achieve of each individual student. 

    My personal objective is to inspire each student by sharing theory and experience to encourage a higher level of personal performance through a stimulating and enjoyable course experience. I also expect to inspire each student to take responsibility for learning and help them advance to better jobs. Because students bring unique socioeconomic, life experience, cultural and skill backgrounds to a class, I find it critically important to gain a sufficient understanding of these factors for each student in order to create a healthy, safe and respectful environment while encouraging personal connection. The information gained from this effort also provides the basis for selecting appropriate delivery methods for the course material. I believe this effort allows the best opportunity for each student to progress towards their respective goals. I also find it important to create an environment that encourages students to gain support through their emotional connection to the group and the work of transferring knowledge among the participants. Communal rules need to be established to allow for respectful disagreement to encourage the free flow of ideas and broad class participation.

    I organize course material in a manner that allows for multiple delivery formats and appropriate timely

measurement/feedback of student progress. As many of the Community College students are working adults, I strive to make the course and reference material easy to find with clear instructions. Beyond course material organization and the textbook, I research and provide additional material to the students to allow for a better understanding of concepts. My style of interaction is relaxed and I am available by email, phone, office and class to support my role as a “Steward” of the educational process. I am dedicated to helping students in the community find better opportunities through effective relevant multi-cultural business education with a unique understanding of the new global marketplace and relationships with industry.