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INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS: Instr: James Mucci, BS, MBA,  – W (562-546-2604) jmucci@lbcc.edu


Study of research, theory, terms and practices associated with the movement of goods in international commerce. Topics include current trends and practices in international and domestic transportation, logistics and supply chain, emerging markets for new services and skills.
ENTRY SKILLS: None required
COURSE CONDUCT: Respect Based Management "It is my belief that an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility is the most productive for creating and sustaining superior performance." James A. Mucci
COGNITIVE & SKILLS OBJECTIVES: This course is competency based. Competency is demonstrated by mastery of the cognitive content and the technical skills.
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Understanding of the global market’s effect on logistics
Business Cultures, Logistics Terms, Practices & Trends
1. Gain an understanding of the current issues effecting the global supply chain.
2. Gain an understanding of international business processes and physical distribution systems. 
3. Gain an understanding of the relationship of Logistics to Marketing, Supply Chain and Transportation.
4. Gain an understanding of the operational limits and costs of warehousing & transportation based on current practical applications.
5. Develop a basic logistics plan based on current practical applications.
6. Design a highly reliable cost effective logistics model.

The course follows the web hosted basic calendar schedule (not necessarily in linear order) consisting of media, introductions, interviews with industry experts, multiple reference links, research and forum assignments. The course offers an extra credit class collaborative project based on the concepts and lessons discussed during the course.  Almost unanimously, former students have asked for training in skills required for a business environment and/or operation rather than a traditional academic setting, so the classroom process, including schedule, is maintained consistent with a typical business setting. This is not a "traditional academic process" course. It uses a combination of "evidenced based" learning modalities and processes routinely found in the business community to meet the academic standards while making the experience more productive and enjoyable for the students.

Logisitcs Project: Research an inbound shipment from Asia



Office Hours: 

30 minutes prior to and after each class by appointment


3 Tests @ 100 Points Each = 300 Points NO MAKE UP

1 Final @ 100 Points NO MAKE UP

Assignments: 200 Points

Forums/ Discussions: 200 Points

Project = 200 Points

Extra Credit: 100 Points

  A= 900 or 90% of 1000 Pts

Total Available Points to Earn: 1000 (without EC)

Grading scale:





F=< 599




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This course will explore logistics systems and concepts, including inventory and warehouse management, logistics information systems, facility location, and global logistics. It is designed for those who are interested in becoming logistics professionals as well as those who wish to update their knowledge in the field.