Preface IBUS75


Working in International Logistics in 28 different countries has provided insights to the elements that create a Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics Network. Having the opportunity to teach International Business and International Logistics has given me the opportunity to share my experiences as a USMMA Merchant Mariner, Diretor of Operations of a Container Carrier, VP & COO of Tiger Intermodal (FedEx Airfreight), Founder of EWH Truck Brokerage, Vice President of Marketing American President Lines (Domestic), Executive Vice President GATX Logistics & President of Pacer Distribution.  My logistics provider client list includes Alitalia, CRST, Roadway Express (FedEx Ground), Union Pacifc Railroad, Matson Navigation and Li & Fung.  My logistics clients include Sony, Best Buy, Wal*Mart, Mattel, Oliveti, Colibri Lighters, Oneida, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Canon and Hewlett Packard.  It is my hope this experience will help you better understand the basic of logistics.  I hold a MBA from Pepperdine University's Presidential Key Executive Program, a Bachelors in Transportation for the United States Merchant Mariner Academy, a US Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer License and served as a Lieutenant in the US Navy Reserve during Vietnam.