IBUS 1 International Business




Business Plan Envelop

Bring and Display your Business Plan and Identification Envelop to every class. Add key points towards your intimate knowledge of the basic plan on the  back of the envelop

Do I Have What it Takes?

1. Collaborative

2. Curious

3. Future Focused

4. Self-Fulfilled

5. Tech-Savvy

6. Action Oriented

What is Expected

Think Globally


A Student's Professor

Care and Show It!

Know the Material

A Vegas Lounge Act

Challenge Students to Grow

Create Competence in Learning Outcomes

Have Students Feel Valued

Have Students Feel Hopeful about and Connected with the Future


Week 1 Assignments

Orientation/Course Introduction

Read Chapters 1 & 10

Week 1 Assignments

International Business, Globalization & Culture

Read Chapters 1 & 10

Week 2 Assignments

Role of Logistics in Supply Chain

Container Operations

Read Chapters 5 & 6


Week 2 Assignments

Manufacturing, Maritime & Pull Sourcing

Read Chapter 7

Week 2 Assignments

Orchestrating Logistics Customer Service Air Transport Package Logistics

Test #1 Weeks 1-4

Read Chapters 8 & 9- Part 2: The Bucko Mate  

Week 3 Assignments

Inventory Warehousing Distribution

Read Chapters 10 & 11

Week 3 Assignments

Practical Math Performance Measurements Intermodal

Read Read Chapter 12 & 13

Week 3 Assignments

Transportation Mode Costs  & Performance Modal Interfaces

Read Chapters 14, 15 & 16  

Week 4 Assignments

Logistics Project 

Production Metrics

Read Chapters 17 & 18 - Part 3: The Old Salt

Week 4 Assignments

Demand Planning

Test 2 Weeks 5-8

Read Chapters 19 & 20

Week 4 Assignments

Order Fulfillment

Read Chapter 21 & 22

Week 5 Assignments

Logistics Technology

Read Chapters 23 & Epilogue

Week 5 Assignments

Using International Logistics for Competitive Advantage

Test 3: Weeks 9-12  

Week 5 Assignments

Present Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics Models

Week 6 Assignments

Compliance & Security


Week 6 Assignments

Logistics Certification Review

Submit all Assignments for Grading

Final Exam

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"You have got to be

believed to be heard"

This is not a "traditional academic process" course. It uses a combination of "evidenced based" learning modalities and processes routinely found in the business community to meet the academic standards while making the experience more productive and enjoyable for the students.