GBUS5 Syllabus


Instructor: James Mucci, BS, MBA; W (562-546-2604);



The traditional views of business are being challenged by the new realities of the connected world.  Low US unemployment, wage stagnation, unstable health care market, political polarization, immigration reform, criminal justice reform and the tenets of the American Dream.  We are moving away from  physical local work towards cerebral global work where providing content is one the fasting growing business sectors.  Education becomes one of the most important predictors of economic well being.

This course will discuss the current factors creating new opportunities for students with a focus on each student having a more positive view of their future after completion.


COURSE CONDUCT: Respect Based Management "It is my belief that an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility is the most productive for creating and sustaining superior performance." - James A. Mucci


COGNITIVE & SKILLS OBJECTIVES: This course is competency based. Competency is demonstrated by mastery of the cognitive content and the technical skills.


Outcomes      Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. Examine the primary elements of the language and theories presented in the current business environment.
2. Select creative and critical-thinking strategies in the solution of complex business situations through the application of learned business concepts
3. Develop analytical and logical evaluation skills for the purpose of ensuring future success in a professional environment.
4. Assess the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and diversity as legitimate business objectives.
5. Develop the capability to access, evaluate, and use information in fulfillment of coursework and independent study.

Objectives      Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. Develop a working knowledge of common terms and concepts.
2. Recognize the role of business in industry and society.
3. Examine the effects of ethics/social responsibility, diversity, and globalism on the organization.
4. Evaluate the impact and effects of technology on the organization.
5. Analyze the external environmental factors, such as industries, customer needs, and competitive forces.
6. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the primary functional areas of an organization and the roles they play in a successful enterprise.

The course follows the web hosted basic calendar schedule consisting of media, introductions, interviews with industry experts, multiple reference links, research and forum assignments. The course offers an extra credit class collaborative project based on the concepts and lessons discussed during the course. The class project is to design a new or improved business. The new business should address an area currently missing in an emerging market creating better jobs for the community.  Business development documents should include: strategic marketing analysis, mission statement, management philosophy, cost and operational advantages and job creation. This is not a "traditional academic process" course. It uses a combination of "evidenced based" learning modalities and processes routinely found in the business community to meet the academic standards while making the experience more productive and enjoyable for the students.

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the business environment and the prime operating functions of management/organization, human resources, marketing, information/technology and accounting/finance. These skills are useful for both entry and mid-level positions.

Credit Work Grading

3 Tests @ 100 Points Each NO MAKE UP

1 Mid Term Take Home @ 100 Points

1 Final @ 100 Points NO MAKE UP

Assignments & Forums=200 Points

Attendance = 200

Participation = 100

Extraordinary Contribution up to 100 points

Total Available Points to Earn: 1100

Total Points 1000 A=90% or >=900

Assignments are Due the Next Class (Week Assigned)

One week extension with a loss of 25% of points

Grading scale:





F=< 599




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