MGMT 80 Online 8 Weeks Small Business Entrepreneurship



"Better Relationships and More Money"

Economist Education

Economist Workers

Island Baby

Sea Stories as an

In Class Internship


The moment you think you know

everything/the answer, is the moment

you stop seeking the truth.

Sixteen weeks, five start-ups, simple solutions

to real world problems!


Business Planning Laws

Each of the laws listed on the right

are critical in creating and achieving

exceptional performance.

Do I Have What it Takes?

1. Collaborative

2. Curious

3. Future Focused

4. Self-Fulfilled

5. Tech-Savvy

6. Action Oriented

A Student's Professor

Cares and Show It!

Knows the Material

Makes it Simple 

A Vegas Lounge Act (PG13-R)

Challenge Students to Grow

Makes Effort to Accommodate

  Students Unique Needs (Just Need to Ask)

Module 1

The Basic Transaction

 “Cognitive capacity—as opposed to brawn—

continues to become a surer path to climb

that ladder into the middle class.” Joe Biden

Module 1

Opportunity Identification & Feasibility

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Business Planning:  We will start by

familiarizing yourself with the attached

Strategic Planning Document that you

will complete and your semester project

Module 2

Technology and the Legal Implications effect

every business moving forward ie. Amazon vs

Sears.  Each new business must take into account

how to use technology to provide better service

faster at a lower cost.

Module 3 Biz Plans

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Module 3 Funding

Funding will find you if you have developed

a better "mousetrap" ie.  product or service

Funding is rarely the reason businesses do

not succeed.   Not having an intimate knowledge

of the basic transaction and not having revenue

certainty are.

Module 4 Outside the Box

When considering your customers environment

it is sometimes helpful to

"drive with the windows down"

Also try to remember, if a man wants a

blue suit "turn on the blue light!"

The customer is always right when the

customer "Pays" to be right. You want

to avoid "high maintenance - low pay"

customers. Customers can be fired,

just raise your rates until they find

another provider.

Module 5 Manage Resources

1. Cash Flow Positive

2. Be Legal Be Kind

3. Steward Style Leadership

4. Be Highly Reliable & Cost Effective

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  • Patrick's Law = Revenue Certainty

  • Mucci's Law = Intimate Knowledge of the Basic Transaction

  • Jon's Law  = Don't Mistake Understanding and Compassion for Weakness

  • McMullen's Law = Have an Exit Strategy

  • Mycha's Law  = A Customer will pay the Minimum amount to get their Basic Set of Needs met.

  • Bruce's Law = Adapatible Organizations have a Strategic Advantage

  • Sean's Law = Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics 

  • Block's Law: Service over Self Interest

  • Eddie's Law: Not That Complicated

Respect Based Management

"It is my belief that an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility is the most productive for creating and sustaining exceptional performance." James A. Mucci

Begin filling in Strategy Form for your enterprise  (click here) Find a completed example link

Principles of MGMT80 Citizenship

A partial List of some of Professor Mucci's Customers

"You have got to be believed to be heard"


This chart shows that the Marketing Process is continuous - Just follow the numbered steps

This chart (click to expand) shows that it is better to be in a good market than to just be a good operator.


Final Review


Manage your Business like a Conductor

Don't Be A Super Chicken

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