Business Laws

A Student's Professor

Module 1 Logistics - The Basics

Module 2 Global Trade

Module 3 Transportation

Module 4 Fulfillment

Module 5 Creating Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics

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  • Patrick's Law:  Revenue Certainty

  • Mucci's Law:  Intimate Knowledge of the Basic Transaction

  • Jon's Law: Don't Mistake Understanding and Compassion for Weakness

  • McMullen's Law: Have an Exit Strategy

  • Mycha's Law: A Customer will pay the Minimum to get Basic Set of Needs met.

  • Bruce's Law: Adapatible Organizations have a Strategic Advantage

  • Sean's Law: Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics 

  • Block's Law: Service over Self Interest

  • Eddie's Law: Not That Complicated

IBUS 75 International Logistics

  1. Global Trade & Marketing

  2. Product - Place - Price - Promotion

  3. Supply Chain = Sale to Fulfillment

  4. Logistics = The Physical Movement

A1: ​​​Submit a short biography and what you expect to gain from this class
A2: Submit a simple explanation of logistics
A3: ​​​Why is "Pull" Supply Chain superior to "Push"?
A4: ​​​Why does LA/LGB handle 40% of US Container Traffic?
Project Part 1

This is not a "traditional academic process" course. It uses a combination of "evidenced based" learning modalities and processes routinely found in the business community to meet the academic standards while making the experience more productive and enjoyable for the students.

Project Due

 “Cognitive capacity—as opposed to brawn—

continues to become a surer path to climb

that ladder into the middle class.” 

-Joe Biden

Care and Show It!

Know the Material

Makes it Simple

A Vegas Lounge Act (PG13-R)

Challenge Students to Grow

Makes Effort to Accommodate

  Students Unique Needs (Just Need to Ask)

Orientation/Course Introduction

Supply Chain Management

US West Coast Logistics

Maritime Policy

Carrier Alliances

A5:​ If you shipped a container with Maersk Line, from Hong Kong to LA/LGB, what ocean carrier might carry the container and what terminal would unload it? 
E1: What are the pros & cons of being a harbor drayage driver?
A6: Provide an example of a unique air shipment that requires special handling.
E2: How has the implementation of double stack rails service changes the economics of import cargo routings?

Demand Planning

A7: What are the benefits of full time and temporary labor? What should be the balance between full time and temporary labor and why?
A8: What are some of the logistics problems demand planning can relieve?

Highly Reliable

Cost Effective

System Approach

A9:​​​ Submit your completed Highly Reliable Cost Effective Logistics Project.