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It is our belief that an environment that fosters effective levels of creativity, autonomy, cohesion among colleagues and discipline that promotes responsibility is the most productive for creating and sustaining exceptional  performance.

James A. Mucci, MBA 

Pepperdine University Presidential Key Executive MBA

B.S. United States Merchant Marine Academy Licensed Merchant Mariner

Managing Director EWH

President Pacer  W&D

Executive VP Units Companies

VP Marketing APL Domestic

COO Tiger Intermodal (Fedex)


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Handbook International Business

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Think Globally & Participate

LBCC Business Department

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

" The most important thing a company can do is hire the smartest people possible then give them the resources to transform their ideas into reality." Bill Gates 

Going Global

Going Global

Going Global

What the 1% doesn't want you to know - Paul Krugman

Top Global Brands 2006

1. Microsoft

2. GE

3. Coca Cola

4. China Mobile

5. Marlboro

6. WalMart

7. Google

8. IBM

9. Citi Bank

10. Toyota

Top Global Brands 2016

1. Apple

2. Google

3. Microsoft

4. IBM

5. Visa

6. AT&T

7. Verizon

8. Coca Cola

9. McDonald's

10. Marlboro

Going Global


Remember the 4 P's 
1. Product
2. Place
3. Price
4. Promotion
Comparative Advantage
Selecting Foreign Markets
Employers have also placed a greater value on higher education, leaving in the lurch those who have only high school degrees. The unemployment rate for college graduates is a low 2.4 percent, while 5.1 percent for high school graduates and 7.1 percent for high school dropouts.
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Trans Pacific Under Sea Internet Cable Faster delivers 60 terabits per second of bandwidth using low-loss fibre cables

Foreign Markets & Data

Read Chapters 5 & 6

A7: Define the global strategic planning process


Foreign Markets & Data
  1. Machines, engines, pumps: US$205.8 billion (13.7% of total exports)

  2. Electronic equipment: $169.8 billion (11.3%)

  3. Aircraft, spacecraft: $131.1 billion (8.7%)

  4. Vehicles: $127.1 billion (8.4%)

  5. Oil: $106.1 billion (7.1%)

  6. Medical, technical equipment: $83.4 billion (5.5%)

  7. Plastics: $60.3 billion (4%)

  8. Gems, precious metals, coins: $58.7 billion (3.9%)

  9. Pharmaceuticals: $47.3 billion (3.1%)

  10. Organic chemicals: $38.8 billion (2.6%)

Top 10 US Exports 2015
Top 10 US Imports 2015
  1. Electronic equipment: US$332.9 billion (14.4% of total US imports)

  2. Machines, engines, pumps: $329.3 billion (14.3%)

  3. Vehicles: $283.8 billion (12.3%)

  4. Oil: $201.2 billion (8.7%)

  5. Pharmaceuticals: $86.1 billion (3.7%)

  6. Medical, technical equipment: $78.3 billion (3.4%)

  7. Furniture, lighting, signs: $61.2 billion (2.6%)

  8. Gems, precious metals: $60.2 billion (2.6%)

  9. Organic chemicals: $52.1 billion (2.3%)

  10. Plastics: $50.2 billion (2.2%)

Test 1

  1. Build sports car

  2. Use that money to build an affordable car

  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car

  4. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

  5. Don't tell anyone.

TESLA's 10 Year Plan
Selecting Foreign Markets

International Culture, Products & Pricing

Most Popular Foods

* Italy - Pizza

* Ireland - Farmhouse Cheese

* Japan - Ramen

* Phillipines - Luchon (roasted pig

* Sri Lanka - Pittu (mixture of fresh rice meal, very lightly roasted and mixed with fresh grated coconut, then steamed in a bamboo mould

* Egypt - Ful wa Ta’meya (Fava Beans and Falafel)

*Panama -  Bollos: corn dough wrapped in corn husk or plantain leaves and boiled. There are two main varieties: fresh corn bollos (bollos de maíz nuevo) and dry corn bollos. The dry corn type is sometimes flavored with butter, corn, or stuffed with beef, which is called bollo "preñado" (lit. "pregnant bollo").

* Canada - Donuts

*Poland - Pierogi (Dough filled with cheese, potatoes, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, meat)

*New York - Hot Dog

* Chicago - Cheese Pizza

* New Orleans - Jambalaya

* Hawaii - SPAM- 

International Culture, Products & Pricing

The Big Mac Index - Purchasing Power & Currency

Foreign Market Entry & Logistics

Global Supply Chain


Draft Project Due 

Foreign Market Entry & Logistics


Technology & Process Change

Most Important Inventions of the 21st Century

Bluetooth, Nintendo Wii, IPhone

IPod, BBC IPlayer, Amazon Kindle

Artificial Heart, Google Android

Firefox, Spotify, 4G, IPad

Skype, Nissan Leaf, IBM Watson AI

Facebook, Google Driverless Car

YouTube, Tinder

Technology & Process Change



International Marketing

"In every instance, we found that the best-run companies stay as close to their customers as humanly possible." Tom Peters

International Marketing

International Marketing


Bringing it All Together

Sales Channels and Promotion
Comparative Advanyage
The 4 P's
  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion
Student Alumni Support
Market Segmentation