Sean McCartney

Senior Vice President

Supply Chain & Operations

(239) 470-1906

April 18, 2016


I am writing to recommend Jim Mucci as he continues to create value through the education of students in the supply chain industry. I am fortunate to have known and worked with Jim for over twenty years. I have observed and benefited from Jim’s industry expertise and his personal involvement in the training of both students and working professionals.


I first worked with Jim as he was a consultant contracted to improve the profitability of a struggling home improvement wholesaler. He was a hands-on leader working with the management team and employees to streamline operations and leverage revenue channels. Jim is talented at seeing the big picture, designing business strategies and most importantly, connecting people to execute the plans and drive results.


In 2011, I was faced with a challenging business acquisition and turnaround within a $4 Billion subsidiary of a large global sourcing and logistics company. I brought Jim in as a business consultant and change agent to facilitate the transformation of an under-skilled workforce into a highly-engaged and high performing team. Jim orchestrated a combination of employee training with supply chain fundamentals and Continuous Improvement (LEAN/Six Sigma) tools while mapping out a business plan to course-correct cost structures and business unit profitability. This proved to be a successful formula to accelerate change and improve the business unit profitability. The highlight of this accomplishment was the “graduation ceremony” where our associates were able to earn college credits and celebrate their achievements with family and friends. This is one of my favorite memories and experiences working with Jim.


Over the years, I have been honored to be a guest speaker in Jim’s classes in Southern California. Every time I participate in these classes, I am impressed with the high attendance, student engagement and the energized learning environment that Jim creates. I have also created several internships to enhance the students working experience in conjunction with Jim’s classroom teaching with amazing results. Jim has cultivated talent in an industry severely lacking entry-level skilled and motivated employees.


I look forward to seeing Jim continue to influence and contribute to the supply chain industry by applying his industry knowledge to develop the next generation of supply chain leaders.


Feel free to contact me at the number listed above.




Sean McCartney