My objective in every class is to help each student see a brighter future through the application of education and real life examples.  Both my wife and I came from environments that did not encourage education, but found that our abundant curiosity led us to a path of lifelong learning.   Our journey up the social economic ladder is directly related to life long learning.

I started my journey in Pittsburgh, PA as the oldest male grandson of an immigrant Italian coal mining family where a sustainable work ethic was imprinted in my DNA.  It was that work ethic and curiosity (life long learning) that led me from the football fields of Western PA to the US Merchant Marine Academy where I graduated with BS in Marine Transportation. a US Coast License as a Merchant Marine Officer and a commission in the US Navy as a Lt Jg. I have piloted Ocean Tankers and Container Vessels around the world while refining my Naval Architectural skills.  I was promoted from my deck officer position to Director of Worldwide Operations of an Ocean Carrier.  It was that assignment that led to my opportunity to oversee the construction of the 1st container terminals in Oakland, Long Beach and Hawaii. 

Through the encouragement of one of my summer interns, I passed on the opportunity for a PhD in Naval Architecture at UC Berkekey for a Presidential Key Executive MBA at Pepperdine.  That education led me to one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, my 10 years at Flying Tigers.  I created and sustained Tiger Intermodal while traveling and conducting business in 58 cities in 26 countries. The combination of education, work ethic and experience then led to positions as President of Pacer W&D, Exec VP GATX Logistics, VP Marketing American President Lines, Owner of EWH Transportation Brokerage, Mucci Learning, Mucci Assessment and Neuropsychology Services.

Join our classes, share your curiosity for growth and let us help you with your journey. We update our courses every semester to keep pace with the  the 1000+ student alumni feedback we receive each semester.  Our classes are all mobile ready so you can see the course material from a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.  Take a look!